I offer in person visits and Telehealth. 

1. Are you taking new clients?
Yes. I am taking adult clients only.

2. Are you working with couples?
No; however, family members may attend our sessions on an as needed basis.

4. Do I take EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)?

5. Do I take Insurance? Medicare?
Yes, I will bill your insurance, the claim is processed & bill is sent.
Secondary Insurance will not be processed by me. I will process primary. No, I can not take Medicare; however, individuals can opt out and pay the fees out of pocket.

6. How do I set up an appointment?
Call me at 217-972-2321, leave a message please & I will call you back.
Email me at kspcounseling@gmail.com

7. What happens next?
I will ask for your email and send you a link to e-sign paperwork before
we meet. An appointment will be made for your first visit

8. What happens at the first session?
I will copy your insurance card and drivers license. We will discuss what
your goals are and you can share your concerns.