Individual sessions require an initial diagnostic evaluation which means a comprehensive  social history will be taken and preliminary goal setting will be accomplished. Types of treatment (CBT, DBT, EMDR, Acceptance, etc.), philosophy, provisional plan, as well as, limitations and risks will be discussed. Recommendations in terms of frequency of appointments, other possible therapies and a provisional diagnosis will be given. Based on mutual consent, individual counseling will begin. Not only does the client need a competent counselor, but the client needs to feel comfortable with the “fit” of the counselor relationship and preliminary recommendations.


EAP’s are a benefit available through some employers and insurance companies. Ask your HR department at work or consult your insurance company. Many EAP’s will pay for 1-8 sessions of counseling. It is strictly confidential and no information is released to your employer without your written permission. Kimberly contract’s with a number of EAP’s to provide the first few counseling sessions at no cost to the client. To access EAP benefits you must get approval from the EAP or insurance company.