Starting Counseling

Help is only a click or phone call away. While starting counseling is a major step, it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Today, more individuals, couples and families are entering counseling, not only to treat illnesses but improve their quality of life.
When you contact Kim she will “walk “you through the entire process of setting up an initial evaluation, helping you with your insurance coverage, getting the appropriate authorizations, referrals, determining your co-pay and billing your insurance company.
The cost of therapy is always an important consideration. Usually, the client need only pay their co-payment at the time of service. Kim is in-network provider for most insurance and managed care companies.
As a courtesy we will bill your insurance company, HMO, responsible party or third party payer for you if you wish. We ask that at each session you pay your co-pay or 50% of the fee. In the event you have not met your deductible, the full fee is due at each session until the deductible is satisfied. We do not offer a sliding fee schedule.

I accept insurance plans, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and self-pay options.
Clients are encouraged to be informed of their benefits before starting counseling.  I would be happy to check your insurance benefits for you prior to your first appointment and send you an email explaining your coverage and fees.  You can share your insurance information when you call for your first appointment or online through my website.

EAPs (Employee Assistance Program)
In order for you to be able to utilize your EAP benefits, you must first call your EAP company and obtain an authorization for your sessions.
If you would prefer to self-pay rather than use insurance, that is always an option. Please inquire about this option prior to your first appointment.
**Please note that benefits are an agreement between you and your insurance company.  I cannot guarantee any insurance coverage or reimbursement. If you have eligibility concerns or questions, you should contact your insurance provider directly.